Baby Reflexology - 3 week course

***Baby Reflexology Classes have gone online*** 


Offering group Baby Reflexology classes (8 max) for babies between 4 weeks and 10 months old! For anyone around the UK!


I know from working with children and running these classes how important interaction is and especially for first time mums to know that they aren't alone. So these sessions aren't just here for learn reflexology routines, it's also a chance for you to chat, get advice, laugh and see humans!! 


Touch and bonding is more important than ever and through the 3 weeks you will learn simple routines to help ease common aliments such as: 


- Colic

- Constipation

- Coughs and colds

- Teething pains

- Restlessness or poor sleep


All of this can be done literally from the comfort of your own home - All you will need is yourself, your baby, mat/towel and your laptop/computer (with webcam and mic!)


Please don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions, this all new to everyone!



Next course starts at 10.30am on May 12th 2020.

Classes will be run online via Zoom every Tuesday from 10.30am

Classes will last for 45 minutes

To Book:

£15 for the entire 3 week course!

Next course begins 12th May 2020 - Book Now