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TruthPie have always been committed to providing 'ethical services' and 'upholding equal rights' but we now want to ensure we always use our voice to ACTIVELY support the black community and people of colour.

What are we doing:
We have dedicated this space on our website to the Black Lives Matter movement so that our practitioners, clients and anyone who stumbles across us, can better educate themselves on the history of racial inequality and the current ongoing issues across the globe.
We regularly add to list page and our social media platforms suggestions for reading, podcasts and other ways to actively support the movement - including donating to the Black Lives Matter movement, which we encourage anyone to do if they can.

We have also included and regularly share on our social media channels resources for black people to find self care and for parents of black children to help them navigate conversations.
Disclaimer: We WILL be borrowing and re-sharing resources from external writers and publications. Although we are taking our own education very seriously, we believe it's important that you hear about the vast history of racism from experts in the subject. We want to offer good quality sources, succinct messages and bring powerful voices to the table.

We also want to take the opportunity to mention:

As you all know, we always ensure that we work with practitioners who offer an incredibly high standard of practise, and whilst they undertake an interview and acceptance process, our practitioners independently choose and usually take their own steps to approach TruthPie about joining the collective.
TruthPie practitioners are fully in charge of their own businesses and we have previously been limited in ability to 'diversify' our collective by accepting most interviews from just those who have reached out to us.
HOWEVER, we will be looking at how we actively reach out to new practitioners and we are aiming to encourage more black therapists to feel confident in choosing us as their home venue and collaborative group. TruthPie will be actively looking to work with therapists of colour, including black practitioners. In addition we would like to hear from black practitioners who have knowledge of lesser known traditional therapies/practises, which have often only been handed down verbally from generation to generation, where privilege of education and wealth through history has not lent itself to publication of texts by black practitioners. We want these practises to be accessible and the information to be heard.

If you or a person you know would be interested in talking with us, please ask them to email us with information about themselves and their current or intended practise.

Stay tuned with our emails to ensure you hear about our growing community.

Visit and donate
Black Lives Matter
Visit and donate
Black Lives Matter
Films & Books
Films & Books
Speak up
Speak wherever you can and share the message. Open conversations on social media, with friends, family, at work and with your communities.
Do it now. 
Where to speak up
Take Action
Don't fall silent.
This is not just for now.
Keep going.
 Stay informed.
Do not fall silent
Take Action
Learn from this.
Take the time
to reflect.
and also make space for your feelings.
Meditation for Racial Trauma for black people and their allies
Learn from this
Make time for Reflection.
Actively seek out other prejudices you may be holding onto.
Listen to others
Listen to others
Share This
Share this page or the resources you have found useful.
Comment on posts of others but remember that offering your information with kindness and a genuine interest to inform rather than 'argue' is key to someone responding to your message with positive action.
Don't forget that some people are already doing their own work to change, they just may not be as far along their journey or maybe aren't quite getting it right. Your aim should be to encourage them to begin or continue with active anti-racism.
Educate others
Take Action
Self care for black people
Self Care for Black People
Reflection & Resilience
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