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NOURISHED: The Gut Health Workshop



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Tuning in to what your body needs is an ongoing practice, because everyday we need something different.

Having a TOOLBOX READY and filled with COPING STRATEGIES can be useful for when an IBS/IBD flare up occurs because lets face it, PREPARATION IS KEY

Whats in your toolbox? 🔧 

☆ Master your mindset and transform your relationship with your gut.
☆ In-Person Workshop!
☆ 4 Outstanding Experts in Wellbeing

● How to Stop the Binge/Restrict Cycle
●  Embody Healthy Digestion with Biodynamic Massage
● How to Calm Digestive Stress using Essential Oils
●  Motioned Sensations: Yoga For Gut Health



This Is For You If:


You've recently been diagnosed with an IBS or IBD problem


After seeking medical advice, You have been told there is nothing wrong but have still had to change your diet because of stomach discomfort which can take over your every day life.

You want to see how self-care and complementary therapy practises can help you to be more in control of symptom relief and help take the stress of your digestion out of your daily to-cope-with list.

You're intrigued about the various diets and fads you've seen on social media and want to know what is worth your time and what is a passing craze.

Who It's NOT For:


Anyone who isn't ready to make regular changes in their lifestyle. To get the most out of the workshop, you will want to continue to use these techniques regularly and see which benefit you.

Those looking to diagnose gut health conditions. - Always seek allopathic medical advice for diagnosis. We are here to help you cope with symptoms and possibly offer ways to prevent some discomfort but please follow your doctors advice.

Learn More...

About The Workshops

May 23rd 2021 10am-2pm, TruthPie Bermondsey, SE16 4DG

How to Stop the Binge/Restrict Cycle


There are a number of important steps you can take to help break the binge/restrict cycle, reclaim your body, and begin to focus instead on more meaningful ways to achieve a true sense of self-worth.


In this workshop I am going to cover some helpful strategies you can use on how to break the binge/restrict cycle.


 - Learn how to make the conscious choice to listen to your body so you eat when you’re hungry, and become more aware of when you’re full.

- Learn how to respond and decrease cravings 

- Adopt new thinking styles about the way you see food e.g.think about food as a positive source of energy and nutrients

- Learn how to come away from "good" and "bad" foods mindset

- Learn why calorie counting isn't accurate and is destroying your relationship with food

- Learn how to spend less time thinking about food and establish a healthy eating routine

Embody Healthy Digestion with Biodynamic Massage


During this practical workshop, Liz will provide us with a brief top line introduction to the gut and its role in the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual spheres. Liz will demonstrate a deceptively simple, yet deeply restorative breath exercise that encourages parasympathetic activation and a balanced digestion. From this state of greater relaxation and by way of a guided meditation, Liz will then lead us through an embodied journey within our own digestive system where we will explore the realm within ourselves. This exercise is aimed to provide further relaxation but can often also bring about deep awareness and insights into how we perceive ourselves, our gut and what it might need to support harmonization.

We will then have a few minutes to share our observations to support the integration of our experience.


How to Calm Digestive Stress using Essential Oils

When digestive issues and dieting are impacting your every day life, Clinical Aromatherapist Joanna explains why she tackles stress as the first point of concern.


In this workshop you will learn how and when you can safely use essential oils to support your digestive health.


YOUR SPECIAL BONUS: You’ll even create your own personalised oil blend to take home and relax with.


Motioned Sensations: Yoga For Gut Health

Specific postures can promote a cleanse for the digestive system and release toxins within the body as well as acting as an internal massage for the organs. 

Yoga is a great aid when it comes to the journey of gut health as it can prompt the healing of our microbiome through stress reduction and gentle motions. The gut is so important in regulating stress responses in the body - the microbiome is highly sensitive, where it can be thrown off of balance when hormones are produced to signal that the body is in stress, be it mental or physical. Intentional breathing and sensory activation has been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which clears stress responses within the body, thus restoring the health and balance within our gut. As a gentle exercise practice, yoga has the potential to support a flourishing and diverse microbiome.

BUT don't take our word for it.

What people have been saying about the experts?

Jenny Tomei, Food & Nutrition  shoot, 9t

As featured in...

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Jenny Tomei

I came to Jenny as I wanted to loose weight, however, I was going about it in all the wrong ways by reducing my food intake too quickly. My body began to suffer....She educated me on the negative effects my ‘healthy diet’ was having on my body and the long term consequences this could have on me and potentially my career as a performer.

A few weeks into the program and with her constant support and guidance I have already made huge progress! 

I am truly grateful for... her nurturing, understanding, and friendly approach. Without her support, I would still be on a downward spiral that would ruin my health and career.'

Jenny is a Qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist, & Eating Disorder Coach. Her passion is to help others to improve their relationship with food. She uses practical interventions, & nutritional rehabilitation guidance to support change & recovery from eating distress. 


Her work includes mentoring & helping people with emotional & disordered eating issues, Binge Eating Disorders, Orthorexia, poor body image, low self worth, weight control problems, & IBS. 


She empowers her clients and helps them to overcome disruptive eating habits, to improve their relationship with food, optimise digestion, and to have more energy.

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Liz Introno

'I have used the services of Truth Pie (with Liz Introno) for just over a year now and I have found them to be excellent value. Everyone’s needs and situations are different but for my horrible health issue I find this service beneficial.'

Liz Introno, Body Psychotherapist and Biodynamic Massage therapist registered UKCP; EABP; CNHC; ABMT. Since her early years as a martial artist, Liz has had a deep sense that mind, body and spirit are not only inextricably linked but also that it is their harmonious balance of interplay that allows us to be fully present with ourselves and the world around us. Through her personal and professional journey, she has been drawn towards the exploration of the psycho-emotional role of the digestive system as one of the central pathways our nervous system employs to self-regulate. Having recovered from IBS herself, she is particularly interested in investigating the causes and effects of impairments of the digestive system from a holistic standpoint and how to encourage reparation and balance.

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As featured in...

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Families Online

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Women Who Do

Joanna Rennie


'Joanna is so so lovely and welcoming..... blissful and very relaxing. My favourite aspect of Joanna’s aromatherapy treatments are that they are entirely specific to you, which makes it such an incredible experience! She takes time to get to know you which makes you feel at ease, and comfortable throughout...I would highly recommend Joanna...'

Nu•Clear Wellbeing was created to help busy, driven people to achieve calm, organisation and wellbeing in their daily lifestyles through individually tailored lifestyle programmes so that they can enjoy increased energy during their newly found time!

Joanna Rennie MIFPA CNHC,  integrates Life Coaching, Clinical Aromatherapy and other holistic practises into programmes, workshops and 1:1 therapies to aid relaxation and increase holistic wellness.

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Delice Headlam

'DELICE IS AWESOME! We have been practicing yoga now well over a month. 'H' and I have never felt better health wise'

'Really good communication, work quality and professionalism.'

Delice Headlam specialises in movement as a registered Movement Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher.

Delice promotes wellbeing through exploring the good, the bad and the ugly events that happen in life and as we learn to explore and connect to our thoughts and emotions, we can find a way to accept. 

As a Movement Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher, Delice integrates the psychological and mindful philosophies that are attached to the practices.

Her work includes practical interventions to identify and promote emotional regulation in group therapy sessions and 1-1 therapy sessions. 

Total Value = £500+

NOW JUST £97 for all 4 workshops!


Attend 10am May 23rd 2021 for a unique learning experience

Knowledge is power -

Reclaim your health in all aspects


Don't waste time in discomfort when you can be out enjoying yourself

Join us in London, May 23rd 2021 for this exclusive workshop

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