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Holistic Facials

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Clinical Aromatherapy Facial and Skin Product Consultations

(including maternity facials)

Hampshire, Dalston, London Bridge

A truly bespoke facial massage with the addition of specifically chosen essential oils for your current needs.


As a Level 5 Clinical Aromatherapist, IFPA Member Joanna Truthpie tailors each treatment to the individual client by choosing suitable base ingredients and blending with beneficial essential oils to create our own personal skin care treat!


Facials can be tailored towards skins with acne, rosacea, eczema, and other skin concerns; as well as matching the aromas to the mood you want to be feeling when you head out of the door.

After your session, Joanna is able to send recommendations for ongoing skin care and if you love her blends, you are able to order personalised products to collect from the centre, usually within 7 days of your appointment.

Joanna TruthPie products are extremely reasonable in price, as Joanna is passionate about making her products accessible to everyone.


"A good skin care routine should be easily managed and consistent; this means making it both simple and affordable to keep up. Joanna TruthPie products are no fuss- If an ingredient is there, there's a reason I've chosen it. I won't over-price and I choose 'natural', 'organic' ingredients wherever possible."

All Joanna TruthPie products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Appointments and products suitable during pregnancy. No essential oils will be added to products before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

For your Bespoke Facial-


ANDOVER, Hampshire






For a Bespoke Skin Care appointment or to add products to your bookings email joanna@truthpie,net for availability.