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Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage

Myofascial Release

Orthopaedic Assessment & Testing

Rehabilitantion for Sports & Injury

Soft Tissue Release

Advanced Exercise Rehabilitation

Deep Tissue Massage Bodywork

Active Release Therapies

Matt is an experienced, professional and passionate Advanced Clinical and Sports

Massage Therapist who cares for his patients every step of the way to get them out of pain and feeling fantastic again. He has recently gained the BTEC Level 6 in

Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage, the only degree level qualification available in the UK.

Using informed, intuitive, listening touch, he specialises to help patients manage

both short and long-term chronic issues, including pain in lower back, neck and

shoulders, (including ‘frozen’ shoulder) sciatica, tennis elbow, and other

musculoskeletal and systemic pathologies.

Matt is an experienced Sports massage therapist and uses effective and specific

techniques and pressure that do not increase pain or prolong recovery time, and will restore function and reduce pain to maximise performance. He is able to work with patients to devise a specific program of exercise rehabilitation.

Matt is also trained actor and yoga practitioner, and has experience and

understanding of healthy movement in people’s bodies and is able to treat the whole person, taking into account other factors such as mental well-being or social factors that can help people in their everyday lives.

In each outcome -based session and after an orthopaedic assessment, he connects with the patient to reduce pain, increase range of movement as well as manage stress levels by integrating an impressive range of massage techniques from a fusion of east and west styles (Thai, Swedish, Japanese), as well as western sports and sophisticated forms of deep tissue.

Matt’s cutting edge and innovative techniques range from Trigger Point Therapy,


Myofascial releyase (MFR), Soft Tissue Release (STR), advanced stretching and

acupressure to help restore body and mind and leave the patient with an amazing experience.

Regular availability from November:

Monday 3pm-8pm

Thursday 3pm- 8pm

Appointments from £40

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Foot Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology

Baby Reflexology

Alice Elizabeth Reflexology

Alice is a level 3 qualified Reflexologist, whose always had a keen interest in Reflexology and how the feet act as mirror to the body.


Originally from Jersey, she took the opportunity to study in Bournemouth, alongside completing an Anatomy & Physiology course in London. Combining her passion for reflexology and her background working with children, she's also pleased to offer both maternity and baby & toddler reflexology.


So, what to expect? Reflexology is not a massage, nor a substitute for medical treatment - it helps improve circulation and promote relaxation, enabling your body to heal itself. Although each person reacts differently to Reflexology, it gives everyone the chance to take some time out and put themselves first. whether you're looking for an introduction to Reflexology, have some questions, or would like to book a course of treatments for a specific ailment, please get in touch!

Regular Availability:

Sunday 3pm-8pm

Appointments from £25


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Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Daniel Hope Sports Massage

Daniel trained at NLSSM, gaining a level 5 BTEC in remedial soft tissue sports massage therapy.


A trained professional dancer, Daniel has run the London Marathon and currently works with various high-level fitness brands (including TruthPie!), which gives him a great understanding of the demands that can be asked of the body and Dan believes that  regular maintenance is key to keeping yourself injury free.


Sports massage therapy is not just for athletes, but for everyone in any situation of any amount of discomfort; from office workers who have trouble with poor postural conditions, to rugby players needing rehabilitation with an injury. Sports Massage’s often goes deeper than traditional, relaxing massages, but Dan's belief is that any pain should be a ‘beneficial pain’ as apposed to an unbearable one. Working along with your body is the only way to see results.

Regular Availability:

Wednesday 3pm-8pm

Saturday 3pm-8pm

Appointments from £35


Online Services

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Executive/Leadership Coaching

Corporate Coaching

NLP Coach

Movement Medicine

Lou Lou Cullum

Lou Lou Cullum is an International Coach, NLP master practitioner, NLP health practitioner and Movement Medicine teacher


Lou's career background is in retail and senior management in the corporate energy business but the draw to work in the healing/ personal development arena called to her. 


'I first trained as an Integrative Counsellor, then NLP and Coaching and am now a Movement medicine teacher in training. 

It really is amazing to work with clients to create fabulous solutions to the challenges in their lives e.g. more freedom, success, creativity and happiness. 

Each session is unique and I draw upon all my learnings; incorporating mindfulness, Neuroscience protocols and embodiment; working with both the conscious and unconscious along with the wisdom and truth of the body.


I work intuitively offering acceptance and a safe space to work, only working with people that are open to exploring the edges of their lives and adventuring outside of these to see what else is possible. 

We all experience the condition called life and I am no exception! Experiencing chronic illness and chronic pain after a car accident, these experiences have shaped my offerings and deepened my understanding for my work, I welcome all levels of diversity into my sessions.'


Member of the Association of Coaching and Movement Medicine association.

Ad hoc availability- Email to Book in London or see ONLINE AVAILABILITY

Appointments from £45

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Stress Consultancy

Indian Head Massage

Swedish Massage


Mike Kelly Therapies

During 11 years of training and 6 years of teaching Kung Fu, Mike came to realise the importance of being in control of our mental/emotional and physical states

and how they all need to work in harmony if we are to be healthy, balanced individuals.

'During this time I also worked with meditation and chi

which eventually brought me to the Reiki Natural Healing system.

I have been working as a stress consultant since 1995 and became a Reiki Master in February 1997,

since then I have also qualified in Indian Head Massage and Swedish Massage.

All treatment sessions are tailored to the clients particular needs

and are carried out in a very relaxed, friendly and confidential manner.

Through these therapies my clients have benefited on many levels, from stress

and anxiety reduction to pain relief, increased confidence and much more.

After treating their initial ailments many clients return on a regular basis

for an “energy top up” or for a relaxing hour of “me time”.'

Regular Availability:

Tuesday 3pm-8pm

Appointments from £25

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Sports Massage

Exercise Rehabilitation

Personal Training

RJ Sports Therapies

Ricardo has been working in the sports industry for over 24 years as sports scientist, sports therapist, massage therapist, nutrition consultant, fitness coach Sports Lecturer and Tutor/Assessor and Internal Verifier. In addition he offers taping and strapping, rehabilitation, recovery, injury managment and specific training for football, cycling and triathlons.


He has worked as a sports scientist with QPR FC, Fulham FC and with The Leyton Orient Trust U.18 development squad, providing match day pitchside cover and currently supports Woodford Town FC in the Essex Senior League. In adult education Ricardo taught Active IQ and YMCA fitness and sports qualifications, B/TEC Sports Science, Foundation degree anatomy & physiology to access to nursing students. He is currently head Tutor/Assessor and IQA lead for Genesis Fitness Training based in Chingford one is a race day Soigneur, Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Lead for ARDP Hackney cycling club.

Regular availability-

Tuesdays 9.30am-3pm

Appointments from £35


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Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Morning Flow Yoga

Why Knot; Do something for you

Starting with Ballet at the age of 6, Katrina has always been a curious explorer who was drawn towards the world of movement. Her passion discovered Contemporary Dance when she first stepped foot in the UK and encouraged her to obtain a MA in Contemporary Dance with Distinction at London Contemporary Dance School. Her love for learning guided her to continue her journey to India where she obtained her certification and is now a Registered Yoga Teacher under Yoga Alliance. Movement is the essence of Katrina's being, her life revolves around sharing her love and passion with other aspiring artists. When she is not teaching, you will find Katrina traveling and busy with her Macrame projects. Through her practice, she wants to demonstrate the mental and physical wellbeing that can be achieved from being devoted to ones practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Mondays 6.45am-7.45am

Morning Flow Yoga

Mondays 8am-9am

Classes from £12.50

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Neuro Acupuncture (Pain Management)

Holistic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Acupuncture Rejuvenation Facials


James Bradley LicAc, MBAcS

James is proud to provide an extensive range of services including acupuncture (both traditional and modern), Five Element and TCM acupuncture, auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), oriental body works, Deep Tissue, Holistic massage and facial rejuvenation.

Initially trained in design James became the retail designer for Neals yard Remedies where he was introduced to the wonders of complimentary therapy! 


He  trained in Traditional five element acupuncture at the S.O.F.E.A and at The Yuan Traditional Medicine College, also studying for over six years in several different massage modalities.

James's extensive training is the cornerstone of his integration of modern techniques. Traditional methods of acupuncture and body-work are incorporated to blend the many different modalities, theories and ideologies of traditional, classical and oriental medicine, which strengthens its integration with modern techniques. James draws on concepts from ancient China and his methods follow a long lineage of esteemed scholars and physicians, who's work is a tradition of more than 2,000 years.

James’s special interest is in the filed of Cosmetic Acupuncture, as well as the treatment of Musculo-Skeletal conditions (including Neck and Back pain, 

Lower Back pain, Sciatica,Disc Herniation, Tendon Injuries, Sport Injuries, Headache, insomnia  and Migraine pain.)

James previously set up a number of Acupuncture clinics in London and whilst working with World medicine in Gaza, Palestine in 2000, James was awarded a 'Millennium Award' and 'Londoners for London' from Mayor Ken Livingstone.


Regular availability from November:

Thursday 8pm-10pm

Appointments from £65

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Ananda Movement Lab

Delice has explored movement from a young age, mainly through dance. Her journey started after being recommended by physiotherapy to try pilates to regain mobility and gain strength and then was later introduced to yoga in the last year of university when stress levels were amplified and she found comfort to move slowly and mindfully. After rehabilitation and graduating she continued to practice and explore other holistic healing modalities to help deepen her personal practice find her Yoga Teacher Training course where she completed her 200hrs and continue to undergo a Masters degree in Movement Psychotherapy (in training). 


Ananda Movement Lab - combining the principles of Movement Psychotherapy, the idea is to explore and encourage the use of breath, posture and embodiment to explore the journey of inner connectivity and self-discovery. 

Classes or private sessions are available in which Delice takes into consideration your lifestyle and proposes a way to find balance physically, mentally and emotionally. 


"I work in accordance to you. We collaborate to create a guided practice which is a stimulating experience in which you explore and encourage emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual aspects of self."

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursdays 6.45am

Classes from £12.50

Online Services

Joanna TruthPie - Andover

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Clinical Aromatherapy

On Site Chair Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Pregnancy Massage



Aromatherapy Products

Joanna TruthPie

Joanna gained her Level 5 Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma at one of the UK's top schools for Aromatherapy and holistic therapies, The S.E.E.D Institute. Joanna went on to further her studies at the college, qualifying in lymphatic drainage massage, which can be  particularly useful for nerve damage, headaches, circulatory problems (including swelling and oedema) and for clients who are not suitable for deeper forms of massage. Her pregnancy massage treatments are relaxing and informative for mothers-to-be and can bring some much needed restoration.

Other qualifications include: Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage for Clients with Cancer or Oedema.

As well as offering holistic treatments, which can be highly beneficial for mental as well as physical health, Joanna is able to prepare affordable bespoke skincare/bathing products and home fragrances. All Joanna TruthPie products are 100% cruelty free and include Organic ingredients wherever possible.

Regular Availability:

Andover- Friday 9am-8pm

London- Wednesdays Biweekly 3-8pm

Appointments from £35


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Chinese Cupping

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Trigger Point Massage

Masseur On Tour

Jon-Scott Clark aka Masseur On Tour is a Sports Masseur with 7 years experience. His treatment is 100% focused around helping you maintain peak fitness and getting you back on the road to recovery.


Over the years, Jon-Scott has found that the combination of Trigger point release, deep tissue massage, and Chinese cupping work extremely well together, with previous clients having experienced amazing and affective results.


His treatment style is very strong and can be considered painful, but Jon-Scott will work only to the level that he considers required and necessary. His opinion of sports massage is that it is a necessity, not a luxury.


Jon-Scott's treatments can help to relieve muscular tension throughout the body, which may be caused from repetitive strain, a sports injury or work related problems (e.g. sitting at a desk, playing a musical instrument or cutting hair), so Jon-Scott's treatments aren't just suitable for the sportsman or sport related injuries.. Muscular tension may also be caused by the daily stresses of life, so Jon-Scott believes having a sports massage can also help release emotional build up.


Mon 3pm-8pm

Fri 3pm-8pm

Appointments from £40


Online Services

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Coaching Mastery Diploma - Coaching and NLP:

Positive Breast Cancer Coaching

'It's all about you' Coaching Sessions

Coaching  for Business

Stress-based Mindfulness

Mental Health First Aid

Purely Wellness Coaching

Finding your passion in life is key – which is why Catherine considers herself 'so lucky to be doing a job that helps people to discover theirs.' Catherine also works with clients on confidence issues, when they’ve lost their direction, need help with their inner critic or could do with some support to make changes, whether that’s in a relationship, with their health or at work.


Catherine started her career in HR, working her way up from HR officer to group HR manager before launching her own business as an HR director and consultant. But when life threw a curve ball in the form of breast cancer she had to reassess what she really wanted. In her HR roles working with SMEs, Catherine had always loved helping with goals and strategy – so she trained as a life coach to do more of that, for more people!


Catherine offers face-to-face coaching sessions at  TruthPie (and at her coaching cabin in Bedfordshire) and also work nationally and internationally via Skype and Zoom.


When Catherine is not working she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, three children and step-son. Along with her horse, Sky, they have two dogs – a springer called Pebble and cocker spaniel Echo – and five chickens. Her favourite thing is riding and she regularly competes in dressage competitions. Catherine is a real outdoors person and spends a lot of time in the garden, where she grows her own veg.


To find out how Catherine can help you, you can book a FREE 10-minute chat or Email us for ad hoc availability.

Appointments from £120


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Deep Tissue Massage

On Site Chair Massage

Dry Needling- (Coming Soon to TruthPie)

Scott Jones Massage

Scott trained in Deep Tissue Massage at the London School of Massage, where he gained a BTEC Level 5 qualification. Before this, he trained and worked professionally as an actor/singer, so he is well aware of how a repetitive job can have an effect on your body.


Scott specialises in deep tissue treatments on the back, shoulders and neck. Using a combination of deep and more relaxing strokes, he aims to not only help with any aches and pains; but also to make you feel incredibly relaxed. 


His sessions are suitable for stay at home Mums, office workers, athletes and everyone in between - a treatment with Scott will undoubtedly help you relax, recover and rejuvenate. You may also opt for the 'relaxing massage' with Scott if you change your mind on the day of treatment.

Regular Availability:

Friday 9.30am-8pm

Saturday 2pm-6pm

Appointments from £35

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Soft Tissue Therapies-

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Injury Rehabilitation

Pre & Post Performance Massage

Structural Alignment

Pregnancy Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Whole Body Luxury Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Swedish Massage

Adagio Hands

Zoltan holds the BTEC 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy from the London School of Sports Massage, and the Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release from Jing School of Advanced Massage, underpinned by a lifetime of physically demanding pursuits in the form of both sports and music.  Qualifications notwithstanding, Zoltan will prioritise sensitive and purposive touch over any particular massage "technique."



Zoltan offers ​Sunday treatments for relaxation and release, but also so much more.  Zoltan typically treats people wanting to optimise their fine motor control in order to achieve peak performance.  If you have ongoing pain but are struggling to figure out where it comes from; if you are trying to get into position but can't quite get there; if you​r body is not performing as precisely as you would like it to, Zoltan should be able to help.  After a series of sessions, you will feel more connected around your body, move with a greater sense of ease, be more aware of your alignment, and perform closer to your full potential.  And you will leave with a sense of empowerment for how you can continue to improve.


Zoltan will undertake a strategic assessment at the start of treatment, and he will offer recommendations for targeted exercise after treatment, checking in with you a few days later to see how these are going.  For longer-term conditions, Zoltan will develop a rehabilitation plan entailing several sessions, with ongoing support in between.  He will draw on other professionals as necessary to ensure you are comprehensively looked after and that you are never left hanging - because you will always know your options for next steps.



Zoltan is a member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage (ISRM), the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).

Regular availability:

Sunday 3pm-8pm

Appointments from £70


Online Services

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Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching


Astrea Life

Ezgi is a general practitioner and family medicine specialist who has special interest in nutrition, alternative therapies and holistic health.

She graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa School of Medicine in 2012, started her family medicine speciality training in Istanbul Okmeydani Research and Training Hospital in 2013 and completed her speciality thesis on self-efficacy levels of patients with Type 2 Diabetes in 2017.

While working as a medical doctor in busy hospitals, GP surgeries and rural areas, Ezgi realised that health was more than solely the absence of disease; it is the combination of physical, mental and social wellbeing. As a curious scientist, she investigated different routes to treating patients and in 2015 became a level 2 Reiki practitioner. The shift improved her own lifestyle and encouraged her to further study in this area. She became a Bioenergy and Access Bars practitioner in 2017. While working in an A&E department, she recognised the importance of nutrition and motivation in stressful environments. Those experiences led her to study hypnotherapy and nutrition. She has a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural hypnotherapy and recently graduated from the Institute of Intergrative Nutrition. As a holistic health coach with a medical background, she knows everyone is a bio-individual with unique paths to health. Ezgi has been helping and supporting her clients to assess their specific needs and structure bespoke healthy lifestyles.

Ad hoc availability- Email to book.

Appointments from £25


• TruthPie London Bridge

Biodynamic Massage

Body Psychotherapy

Liz Introno Biodynamic Massage

Liz Introno is an ABMT (Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists) registered Biodynamic Massage Therapist and a UKCP registered trainee body psychotherapist at the London School of Biodynamic and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

Before training as a therapist, Liz worked for a large corporate company and volunteered part-time  to assist people in distress. The experience supported he belief in our innate ability to heal and self-regulate but also, highlighted the crucial role the integration between body, mind and soul has in doing this. These are some of the key principles that attracted Liz to working in Biodynamic therapy. A combination of our past experiences, environment and fears however, can inhibit these capacities making us feel stuck; sad; angry; depressed and unfulfilled.

Once Liz started working as a Body Psychotherapist and Biodynamic Massage Therapist, she noticed the deep link between mind and body and how emotions are experienced, understood and processed at different levels of our being. For this reason, Liz works on the verbal and non-verbal realms; physical and emotional; conscious and unconscious, to help develop our capacity to be fully present in the world and in touch with our core selves.

Regular Availability:

Tues 9.30am-10pm

Thursday 9.30am-8pm

Appointments from £55 (£30 taster)

• Mobile Services in London

Online Services

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Health Coaching including:

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Executive Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique

Personal Training

Matt Farr Health

Matt Farr is a Health Coach & Personal Trainer with over 16 years of experience.

He works with clients to improve every aspect of their environment, lifestyle and movement in order to help them reach their goals and achieve the highest level of health, energy and vitality possible through changes that are sustainable over the longer term. This covers many areas including; exercise, nutrition, circadian rhythm, sleep, light, emotional health and mindset.

His coaching also emcompasses behaviour change work that enables clients to overcome unhealthy habits and build new healthy routines and habits supportive of their goals using proven methods. As a coach he provides personal coaching (online/in-person), group coaching programmes (online/in-person) and workshops to support individuals to improve their wellbeing, performance and productivity.

In his work as a personal trainer Matt tailors exercise programmes to the clients needs. However he specialises in providing sessions that utilise natural movement based training methods that exercise a clients whole body in one exercise or movement enabling them to tone and strengthen whilst improve their flexibility, mobility and core strength all in one short powerful workout.

Ad hoc availability- Email to book.

Appointments from £60 (PT) or

£100 (Coaching)

Transform Your Sleep course last chance to sign up for early bird discount (catch up on our FREE 23rd October session)- READ MORE

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Executive Function Coaching

Therapeutic Counselling

Distance Reiki


Vanessa is a qualified Integrative Counsellor, Executive Function Coach and Reiki II Practitioner who has a special interest in human behaviour. In particular, Vanessa is interested in energy work and chakra belief systems and how they impact our daily life, world view or blue print of the world we inhabit.

With her diverse set of skills, Vanessa has assisted clients to make positive changes in their life. Her work background is in both the public and private sectors where she spent time in management roles, operations and systems, as well as supervising staff. In London and the surrounding areas, Vanessa has holistically helped her clients (students and adults) to achieve their personal and professional goals.


'The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.'

Vanessa aims to support you in repairing harm caused to the mind, body and soul. During times when life situations seem almost too much to bear, when you have stretched your coping mechanisms and they start to stray, it may cause emotional blocks, resulting in blocks of energy flow in your body causing stress, anxiety, depression, pain, anger, disease, compulsions, addictions and deeply buried traumas that can result in physical symptoms

Vanessa has created a method that is integrative in therapeutic approaches and non-invasive therapeutic treatments. She offers combination packages of Counselling, Reiki treatments and Executive Functioning coaching which is action and belief based.


'I work in a spiritual and holistic way in terms of current beliefs and a more balanced way of life, focusing with love and not fear or limiting thoughts. I work with both males and females, students, college and universities; business owners who are looking for wellbeing opportunities for staff to improve performance and effectiveness at work and to help manage stress, tension and office relations with ease; stay at home mums trying to find balance and organisational balance in life.


 The need to prioritise your life as “your health is your wealth” is an important concept to me as your happiness is based on the life you decide you want for yourself. Its time to find balance in your life… mind, body, soul'

Ad hoc availability- Email to Book

Appointments from £25


Online Services

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Trish Talens Talking Therapies

Trish has been involved in many fields of psychology since studying Criminology and Applied Psychology at University. During her studies, Trish became interested in mental health and forensic psychology, in which she spent 6 years working with people who had been given a diagnosis within the mental health system.

Whilst working on her Masters in psychotherapy and counselling, she worked in bereavement on a one-to-one basis and also in developing & facilitating group support for people affected by loss. 

Much of Trish's experiencing comes from working privately within a local London charity; where she provides support and counselling to young people experiencing difficulties. She offers her services at affordable rates at TruthPie's London Bridge venue, as well as online. 

Trish continues her skill development via ongoing advanced practitioner programs and further study but attributes much of her knowledge to those she works with, who have helped her to develop and learn.

Ad hoc availability- Email to book.

Appointments from £30