Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Series

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy - (4 week series)

Starts Tuesday June 2nd at 2.30pm

At a time when pregnancy massages are not possible and home-birthing is becoming more common TruthPie co-founder, Joanna, has created an exclusive 4 week live stream workshop to show you how aromatherapy can not only make your pregnancy more comfortable but also enhance your experience of new motherhood.


As as mother to a 1 year old, Joanna knows first-hand how much support she found in using essential oils during her pregnancy and she turned to them once again when experiencing post-natal depression following the birth of her newborn baby. Joanna is passionate about helping other mums-to-be feel confident, comfortable and uplifted, showing them ways to embrace the vulnerability of pregnancy and the strength of womanhood. She hopes her series will give you more opportunities to enjoy the 'best bits' of your new found role, by giving your 'whole person' a big aromatherapy hug!

You'll be learning:

How to use aromatherapy safely during your pregnancy

How to re-energise by creating space for tranquility

Common Pregnancy ailments and how aromatherapy can help - including pelvic pain, nausea, insomnia and more..

How to choose and blend essential oils for pregnancy, labour and beyond!

All whilst in the company of other new mothers - a great way to build your support network.

You do not need to purchase any oils to take part in this course, in fact, we suggest waiting until you've seen the best ways to select oils before ordering anything for your pregnancy.



Classes will be run online via Zoom.

If you'd prefer to not blend your own oils following the course, Joanna can provide personally designed products and postage at a 25% discount to 'Aromatherapy Pregnancy Series' participants.