Myka Pink - BUFF UK Filter Tube - Face Mask
  • Reusable tube face mask made from 95% recycled plastic bottles
  • Certified filters included! 98% filtration efficiency guaranteed. Recyclable in plastic bin.
  • Designed to provide warmth and comfort. Ergonomic shape for better face fitting. Ensures mouth and nose covering.
  • Comes with 5 replacement filters. Non-reusable, can last up to 24 hours. Usage time depends on the use and environment.
  • HeiQ V-Block* antimicrobial fabric treatment applied to inside pocket
  • All-day comfort: lightweight, breathable, ergonomic design avoiding ear pressure.
  • A revolutionary neck warmer for this new season! Featuring certified filters to prevent COVID-19 spread.
  • UNITED AGAINST COVID-19 - Global Alliance with UNICEF: BUFF UK are going to be donating 2% of their profits to contribute on projects against COVID-19 and its consequences on children and society in the most vulnerable countries.



Myka Pink - Filter Tube BUFF®: Keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy has become a shared concern around the world. The BUFF® Filter Tube is reusable and features a 3-layer replaceable filter system in a washable multifunctional tubular made from recycled microfiber. Ergonomic neckwear design to be comfortable all day. Certified filters provide 98% bacterial filtration efficiency meeting the performance requirements of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Breathability of the harmonized European standard EN 14683:2019 for surgical masks. 

*Powered by HeiQ V-Block- The fabric technology HeiQ V-Block protects the inside pocket fabric of the BUFF® Filter Tube from microbes and germs. It contains a biocide** based on recycled silver salt. 

**Active ingredient: Reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride. Antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the inside pocket fabric of the BUFF® Filter Tube. The BUFF® Filter Tube does not protect users or others against pathogens. Always clean this mask thoroughly after each use. 

Design: Patterned. Size: M-L. Designed for adults.


95% Recycled Polyester 5% Elastane 

Machine Wash: Up to 60°C  
30 mins max.

Myka Pink - BUFF UK Filter Tube - Face Mask