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6 Week  Sleep Mastery Programme

Transform Your Sleep

​How Will You Benefit From The Course:

  • Learn the science behind sleep

  • Discover why you experience trouble sleeping and how to fix it

  • Learn how to optimise your sleep for complete physical and mental recovery and performance

  • Overcome the sleep problems that have been plaguing you for years

  • Wake up feeling alert and refreshed

  • Discover how your daylight choices shape your night-time sleep

  • Find our why so many supplements and sleep aids fail to be of much help

  • Understand the 4 main master regulators of sleep that determine your quality and quantity of sleep

  • Receive the support, guidance and accountability that you need in order to make the changes required for better sleep

  • Be a part of a community supporting each other to improve their sleep

This course is for you if:

  • You suffer from insomnia

  • You have problems getting to sleep 

  • You wake up frequently  throughout the night

  • You wake up feeling tired and in need of more sleep no matter how much sleep you have had

  • You want to optimise your sleep in order to operate at your best

6 week programme that will be delivered at TruthPie London & Online starting 23rd October

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 What Are The Top 5 Ways Of  Improving Your Sleep? 

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Course Outline:

The course is not just going to give you the information you need to transform your sleep but it will also provide you with the support and community needed to help you make the necessary changes. During the classes you will have an opportunity to ask questions, learn from the experience of others and receive advice and guidance on your own personal challenges. Whilst in between classes there will be an online hub where you can ask questions and interact with other members. Each class will be centred around a particular theme important for sleep. Here is a brief outline of what will be covered.

Class 1:

Learn about the science behind sleep. Why do we need it and what are the most important factors that determine your quality, depth and quantity of sleep. By the end of the class you will have an understanding of why you are likely to be experiencing sleep problems and have some basic understanding of how to improve things.

Class 2: 

Here you will learn about the important role that your body clock plays and the 4 main signals that regulate your body clock and your sleep.

Class 3: 

During this class you will learn about everything you need to be doing and not doing in the hours before  bed in order prepare you body and mind for great sleep.


Class 4: 

During this class you discover how to setup your bedroom and your environment to prevent problems sleeping and to help optimise your sleep.


Class 5:

Your quality of sleep is determined not just by what you do before bed but by what you do from the moment your day starts. In this class we will be covering what you need to be doing from when you awake right through to when your head hits the pillow in order to optimise your sleep now and in the days and weeks to come.


Class 6: 

During this class you will learn about a number of different aids you can use to help support your sleep and learn about the main causes behind some of the most common sleep problems seen today along with their solutions.


Starts Wednesday 23rd October at 8.30pm GMT

Classes will be run online and in person (VIP) every Wednesday from 8.30pm

In person classes will take place at TruthPie in London Bridge

Classes will last for 60-75 minutes

To Book:

Early Bird Prices

VIP** (In person) Price: £197 (15% off for TruthPie Members*) - use discount code DREAMS when paying to receive early bird price

Online Price: £147 (15% off for TruthPie Members*) - use discount code DREAMS when paying to receive early bird price 

Regular Prices (28th  October onwards)

VIP** Price: £247 (15% off for TruthPie Members)

Online Price: £197 (15% off for TruthPie Members)

* = TruthPie Members use code TRUTHPIEDREAMS for early bird VIP price and TRUTHPIEDREAMS-OL for early bird online price

** = VIP  seats are limited to just 10 people who will need to attend classes in person at the TruthPie venue in London Bridge. VIPs will be given priority when asking questions and receiving feedback.

 BOOK LONDON TICKETS  - Early Bird Discount until Friday 27th Oct!

 BOOK ONLINE TICKETS  - Early Bird Discount until Friday 27th Oct!

 What Are The Top 5 Ways Of  Improving Your Sleep? 

 Download your FREE Sleep Report HERE