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Tibetan Medicine

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Tibetan Medicine 

London Bridge

Tibetan Medicine is an amalgamation of many of the ancient world’s most sophisticated healing traditions – including Indian Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Greek and Persian Medicine, and ancestral Himalayan healing knowledge. Rooted in a firm commitment to efficacy and scientific integrity, Tibetan Medicine is one of the most robust examples of traditional medicine in the world today. 


Consultations include traditional diagnostics (pulse, urine, and tongue analysis), individualized nutritional programs, healing meditation and yoga techniques, herbal formulas, and gentle external therapies. By addressing the physiological, psychological, and energetic roots of disease, Tibetan Medicine is able to offer a truly holistic and integrative model for healthcare.

Erik Jampa Andersson is a practitioner and teacher of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, an ancient and comprehensive Himalayan healing modality. He is one of the few westerners to have completed comprehensive theoretical and practical training in Sowa Rigpa (the Himalayan Science of Healing), including five years of study with the Shang Shung Institute and six months of clinical internship in Kathmandu. He has maintained clinical practices in Los Angeles, Colorado, and London, offering traditional healing support for diverse clients with a wide range of conditions. 

In addition to his work as a Tibetan Medicine practitioner, Erik Jampa is a longterm practitioner and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, specializing in the nonsectarian Yuthok Nyingthik lineage. This 12th century “sister lineage” to the Tibetan Medical tradition offers traditional tantric Buddhist meditation techniques with a distinctly scientific orientation, perfect for modern practitioners and seekers. Erik is also a senior ritual arts specialist in the Tara Mandala community, with which he has studied for 15 years.

Ad-hoc consultations are available, as well as Wellness Coaching for ongoing support.


New Client Consultation - £100 (1 hour 45 mins)

For new clients only. Appointments available at TruthPie London Bridge. This is a full Tibetan Medical consultation including pulse, urine, and tongue evaluation, and a personalized therapy plan including nutritional and herbal guidance, healing yoga and meditation, and gentle external therapies. Discover your unique psycho-physiological constitution, and learn how to best support your body in healing and maintaining health.



Check-up for Existing Clients - £60 (45 mins)


Tibetan Medical check-up including pulse, urine, and tongue evaluation, and review of therapy plan including adjustments/refills of herbal formulas and nutritional augmentations. Healing meditation, yoga, and simple external therapies may be employed, depending on the client’s needs and preferences. It is recommended that new clients attend at least two follow-up appointments following their New Client Consultation, in order to ensure therapeutic efficacy.


Wellness Coaching - £150/month


Receive ongoing guidance in health, dietetics, seasonal transitions, astrology, meditation, yoga, and other topics with monthly Shrīmālā Wellness. This program is ideal for those who want gradual, ongoing health and wellness support, and is available both onsite (in London) and remotely via video consultations. Coaching includes monthly consultations, weekly email check-ins, access to regular webcasts, educational materials, and a wealth of online resources.


Shrīmālā Healing Arts

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Erik also offers group sessions and workshops in Tibetan Healing Yoga, Buddhist Healing Meditation, Hormé: Herbal Compress Therapy and Diet & Nutrition. Please email to book.