Tibetan Medicine Workshops

Introduction to Tibetan Medicine - (2 hrs)

Thurs 28th May 10am (UK)


Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Science of Healing, is an ancient medical tradition that coalesced on the Tibetan plateau between the 7th and 12th centuries. In this webcast, Tibetan Medicine practitioner and teacher Erik Jampa Andersson will explore some of the foundational theories of Sowa Rigpa, including simple ways for integrating this profound wisdom into our modern lives.

Hormé: Mongolian Moxibustion for Stress Management - (1.5hrs)

Thurs 11th June 11am (UK)



Hormé, or Mongolian moxibustion, is a traditional hot compress therapy rooted in Tibetan and Siberian folk tradition. Considered one of the principal external therapies for rLung (wind) disorders, this simple technique is a safe and effective home therapy for calming the impact of stress on the mind and body. In it, satchels of basic herbs and spices are used to apply hot oil to the major energy centers of the body, easing the nerves and encouraging optimal wellness. 


In this explanation and practical demonstration, Tibetan Medicine practitioner Erik Jampa Andersson will review some simple techniques for hormé therapy, with instructions for home preparation and self-administration. 


Néjang: Tibetan Healing Yoga - (45 min - 1 hr classes)

Starts Thurs 18th June 10am (UK)

8 weekly sessions can be purchased individually (£20) or as the whole series (£120).


Physical yoga is known around the world as an Indian development, with a wealth of sophisticated systems for physical and spiritual development attributed to great Indian masters like Patanjali. According to modern scholarship, however, some of the very earliest textual sources for physical yoga practices actually come from the Tibetan tradition. While most are designed for advanced spiritual practitioners in higher stages of Buddhist meditation, others are specifically formulated to benefit the average person.

Néjang is one such practice, developed in the 14th century as a gentle healing yoga system consisting of 24 simple physical exercises, combined with healing pranayama and self-massage. Rooted in the medical and cosmological teachings of the Kalachakra Tantra, Néjang has been prescribed by Tibetan physicians for centuries to improve the health and vitality of their patients, and to support spiritual practice through physical movement.


The 24 exercises of Néjang yoga are designed to improve the function of the sense and inner organs, open the channels, balance the energy, and relax the mind. Focusing on gentle stimulation of the healing energy centres of the body, this accessible practice is an excellent way to support dynamic wellness and access the body's intrinsic healing knowledge.



Classes will be run online via Zoom.