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Reclaim Movement

(6 week programme)

Get past old injuries or maintain movement for years to come by working through a regular programme of Movement coaching with Patricia Goka and Bodywork Therapy with Zoltan Zavody.


6 week programme includes:


with Patricia - 90 min movement MOT and recommendations, Progressive exercise programme (with online software demos), 60 min programme walkthrough, 3 x 30min follow up sessions

with Zoltan - 6 x 90min Clinical Massage appointments




Pregnancy Package

Enjoy the most relaxing maternity leave known to woman or ease those pregnancy aches and pains with this relaxing package designed specifically for mothers-to-be


Package includes:

Initial consultation with Joanna Rennie for your...Aromatherapy set by Nu Clear Wellbeing (Bath soak, Diffuser, Labour kit, New mum kit - personally designed and delivered to your home)

4 x Maternity Massage with Daniel Hope

4 x Reflexology with Joanna Rennie




Body and Mind Care Package

A great package for creatives, performers and those with busy careers to find time out and take the pressure off!


3 x 90min Massage (Deep Tissue or Relaxing) with a TruthPie Therapist

3 x 90min Career and Business Coaching sessions with Jamie Body



(Scott is currently on leave and Massage for this package is being offered by other TruthPie therapists)


Training and Sports Massage

(3 month package)

If you love to push yourself to the limits with training and then need a massage therapist who gives it some welly, this is the package for you.


What's included?

6 x 45 min Sports Massage with Jon-Scott Clark

3 months Personal Training with Arthur Ebel (Up to 3 sessions p wk)




Fitness Transformation (1 month Package)

Transform your relationship with fitness by doing it properly with this personal training and massage package that will be tailored to your needs and ability.


What's Included?

•2 x 60min Massage with a TruthPie Therapist

•4 x 30-60min Personal Training Sessions with Heather Walford



(Danielle is currently on leave and Massage for this package is being offered by other TruthPie therapists)


Improve your digestion package (1 month Initial programme)

Look at digestive issues in a unique way with Nutritional therapist Jenny Tomei and Biodynamic Massage Therapist Liz Introno.

This package is also suitable for those with eating disorders, as Jenny specialises in nutritional therapy for eating disorders and Liz offers Body psychotherapy to run alongside.


What's Included:

1 x Nutritional Therapy session and programme plan with Jenny Tomei.

4 x Biodynamic Massage or Body Psychotherapy sessions with Liz Introno.




Personal Yoga and Massage Package

Self care comes into its own in this package which focuses on holistic wellbeing for you as an individual.


What's Included?

3 x 60min Massage (Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Sports) with a TruthPie Therpist

1 month (4 weeks) 1:1 Yoga with Trev Neo




Holistic Experience Package

You will receive a truly holistic experience with this package with Massage therapists and holistic healer Tara Dowd and Reiki Master Mike Kelly.


What's Included?

3 x 60min Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue or Relaxing, or Reiki) with Tara Dowd

3 x 60min Reiki (or Reiki/Indian Head Massage combination, or Swedish massage) with Mike Kelly




Mind Body Connection (Weekly Package)

Take care of your mind and body with regular massage and talking therapy from Bodywork therapist Domonic Ramsden and Psychotherapist and Counselling therapist Trish Talens.


What's Included?

1 x 60min Massage (Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Sports) with Domonic Ramdsen

1 x 50min Talking Therapy Appointment with Trish Talens



Restorative Care Package (3 month package)

A package that is perfect for restoring comfort in movement, relief from pain and replenishing energy.


What's included?

6 x 60min Massage (Advanced Clinical Massage including Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxing) with Matt Fennemore

Weekly Yoga sessions with Sandra Preciado




Resilience and Growth Package ( 3 month Package)

This package has been designed specifically for those wanting to make the most of life by continuing to grow no matter your age. It is also a great combination of sessions for overcoming difficulties and finding inner resilience.


What's Included?

6 x Life and Resilience Coaching with Catherine Rees

Weekly 1:1 Yoga sessions with Katrina Madrilejo




Positive Energy (3 month package)

You know that you will achieve great things and are already moving towards your future goals. This package will help you to overcome limiting beliefs and unexpected obstacles in your subconscious to move you ahead with confidence and vitality.


What's Included?

Monthly Wellbeing Coaching with Carolyn Sykes

3 x Hypnotherapy sessions with Ezgi Kacar