Visiting TruthPie during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are taking our commitment to practitioner and client safety at TruthPie and appreciate your co-operation with the safety procedures we have introduced to better protect our clients, practitioners and venue neighbours, and to ensure that we can run our centre in a way that meets or exceeds all of the government guidelines for close contact workers.

Please see below for our current guidelines which are updated as soon as possible after receiving government updates. We will also update you with the latest client guidance within your booking reminder emails.There are also specific guidelines which must be followed by clients in order for them to receive treatment at TruthPie. 

Your commitment - Safety Guide For TruthPie Clients - Bermondsey venue

Our Commitment - Risk Assessment - Bermondsey venue

Our Commitment - Health & Safety Policy - Bermondsey venue

For safety and risk assessments at NuClear Wellbeing, Andover - check here

To discuss specific requirements, please call or email us ahead of booking.

Contact: 07710628303

Practitioners working at TruthPie venues have a full set of safety guidelines to follow in line with our risk assessment including:

Additional venue & equipment cleaning procedures

Not working with symptoms of Covid-19 and taking of practitioner temperatures upon arrival.

Wearing Type II Face Masks throughout appointments

Wearing Face visors in 'close contact' (within 1m) of clients

Ventilation of treatment rooms

Appointment spacing - avoiding client crossover and allowing for additional cleaning time

NHS Track and Trace obligations

Many practitioners will additionally be opting to take bi weekly lateral flow tests and to accept the Covid-19 vaccinations where available to them.


•DO NOT ATTEND with any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone with symptoms in the last 14 days.

•Wait outside, a practitioner will meet you outside to take your temperature.

•Wear a mask unless you are on the government exemption list.

•Sanitise hands – upon entrance & exit, and wherever necessary in between.

•Check in using the QR code in our treatment rooms if you have the track and trace app or confirm booking contact details with your TruthPie practitioner. We are required to pass these onto NHS Track and Trace if requested to do so.

•Keep us updated if you develop any symptoms in the 14 days following your appointment.

•Follow your practitioner’s instructions for any further PPE or precautions needed during your visit.

•Enjoy your time of self-care!

Client Covid-19 Infographic.png