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5 Reasons You Should Book A Massage Post-Lockdown

So you're feeling like the lockdown has been going on for 4 years rather than 4 months and now the world is being gripped by further issues of rising unemployment rates, lack of childcare for those who can return to work and even a subconscious fight against regular day to day activites!

We felt that at this point of 'release' we would start to feel a wider sense of freedom but what many of us are actually facing is a new world with new rules and time consuming restraints. However, before you let this take over your whole mindset, we are here to show you practical ways you can look after yourself during this transition to a 'new normal'. Starting with a massage with your favourite or a brand new practitioner... and this is why:

1. The anxiety you're experiencing is at an all time high.

Which seems to be true for almost everyone. Therefore you need to be making sure you are taking care of yourself. TruthPie have now reopened our centres in London, with our Hampshire collective getting back into practise in August and we boast a number of professionally trained massage therapists, trained in varying techniques to help with any of your post isolation massage needs.

2. Your back is aching from sitting on a sofa for 4 months

Massage is fantastic for chronic pain, sports injury management, muscle aches and overall wellbeing. But it’s also ideal for those aches and pains that have probably built up throughout isolation, especially if you're home-working. "It's likely you've spent far more time sitting over the last few months", says TruthPie's director Joanna Rennie. "I'm expecting to see a lot of my own clients who are experiencing lower back, neck or shoulder issues exacerbated by their lockdown set up."

 3. Looking after your mind is going to be your 'win'

Massage naturally calms the body and mind by helping to release our 'happy hormones' and balance our blood pressure - that's why it feels so good! A massage can improve mood which can automatically decrease pain. WIN!

4. The most simple and rewarding way to look after yourself is Massage

We all know that stress can be one of the main factors causing any type of pain, which has a knock-on affect on the rest of your body. Hormones can feel all over the place too and this can lead to other problems. "Stress causes Stress" but Massage can increase the blood flow into the areas that need nutrients and give your immune system a boost by increasing the productivity of disease-fighting white blood cells. 

5. A post-lockdown massage is the ultimate in Relaxation

Anyone who has been working from home / home-schooling will know that finding time for yourself has been a struggle. Claiming back time through a massage gives you a self-caring excuse to put down the emails and speak to no-one for a whole hour!

Massage with a TruthPie Practitioner starts at £60 for a 60 minute relaxation. You may be able to claim your treatment with your private health insurance. Please check with your insurance provider.

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