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Black Wellbeing Influencers You Should Be Following

In this Glamour magazine article Amira Rasool discusses her experience growing up as a black woman which she says, like many black women, happened without 'discussing important subjects like mental health, proper nutrition, and intergenerational healing'.

And what she says about the 'stunning lack of black women' is true.

In her article, Amira isn't judging the overwhelming amount of 'white influencers' in their creativity and the support they are giving to their communities but instead points out that a white woman would have 'a seemingly endless stream of content to peruse' whereas she feels the 'lack of visual representation of black women in wellness has discouraged [her] from fully exploring what wellness means in [her] life'.

And that is really the crux of it. Lack of visibility means less exploration and understanding. It means that women who don't see anyone who looks like them in a community, often don't feel seen. That needs to change.

We want to make sure there is space for everyone to see their peers and be seen themselves, and one way to do that is to make sure we support black communities and practitioners who are already making great strides forward in the wellbeing industry.

The Instagram accounts below are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope you will take the time to delve even deeper, follow these accounts but also actively seek out other black therapists and founders to really support the black wellbeing community. It's time to lift up the visibility.

(We've picked out a couple of accounts recommended by Amira- her full list can be found here - but we've also added a few others which we think are definitely worth your clicks!)

Founder of The Folklore

-An online concept store delivering Africa & the diaspora’s top contemporary designer brands.

Founder of the Pan African Fashion Council -A non-profit organization created to support fashion designers in Africa and the diaspora.

Launching January 2021

-Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer at TruthPie Wellbeing in London who aims to make is making fitness feel less overwhelming even to the beginner. Her calming influence and warm personality will make even the biggest exercise-phobe feel confident working out and her massage treatments are top rated by clients.

-Black Mental Wellness describe themselves as 'The Mecca of Black Wellness' and they really are great at sharing some valuable resources for black people who are seeking support.

-The creative Delice Headlam is founder of Ananda Movement Lab, a one-woman company, which creates workshops and retreats for holistic wellbeing. She is a talented yoga teacher and, after recently completing her final year of studying Movement Psychotherapy, is now awaiting graduation. During Mental Health Week 2020, Delice masterminded a week of daily workshops ranging from art classes to affirmations, self-massage to dance and yoga, and she hopes to continue with more workshops, including working with @TruthPie very soon.

@blackandwell -A community embracing what it means to be authentic, mindful, revolutionary, black + well

-A space for Black women to gather to support, encourage, and learn from one another.

'You know that group chat you've dreamed of where sisters are rooting for you and challenging you? THIS IS IT!'

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