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Why Many Doctors Actually Support Complementary Therapies

The relationship between mind and body has been a topic of conversation for far longer than we consider and, although we often correlate nervous digestion with stress or fear, many of us do not then give credit to how much control our minds have over our body's functions.... almost 100%

This is likely the reason most of the western world seek out medicines or quick-fixes before truly looking at the source of their physical symptoms.

We ARE NOT saying that medicine does not have it's place, nor that it should be avoided first and consulted only if all complementary therapies fail... no, no. no! Go to the doctor when you are unwell and more often than not, do that before seeking out your complementary therapies to make sure you understand what treatments are available to you and the urgency your clinician believe suits the approach for your treatments. However, you can also use this time to ask them if any complementary therapies could support your recovery or overall wellbeing, or simply to find out if they believe that it would be worth exploring other services before taking medications in conditions where you have a little more time to create a plan.

Physical conditions can affect mental health, and mental conditions can affect physical health. Emotional 'feelings' are often actually Physical 'feelings', which work on a neurochemical level. These days, we have evidence that mental and physical health are so related to each other, that studies about mind-body integration in psychology seem especially important.

At TruthPie, we work with practitioners who work with a holistic approach to wellbeing. They understand the connection between mind, body and environment and work individually with clients or integrate their therapies to create a more rounded approach to supporting every client we work with.

We are currently working on specific therapy groupings, so that you can easily find the first step towards your goals for wellness but if we have not yet displayed a programme that fits your vision, please do book in a free online consultation and we can create a plan to suit your time, budget and aims, so that you can feel better prepared for your journey, outside and in!

Why not try a spot of yoga right now with Katrina Madrilejo @TruthPie to find your connection for today.

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