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5 Wellness workshops you won't want to miss!

Life during lockdown has had it's ups and downs for most but some of you have embraced having extra time for self-care whole heartedly. With the huge influx of new online course offerings, how do you decide which one to take?

Well TruthPie have put together our own guide to some of our upcoming workshops, to help you decide!

Baby Reflexology classes are for babies between 4 weeks and 10 months old in the UK!

Classes are by the 'magical' Alice Elizabeth Reflexology. Alice knows how important interaction is not only for babies but for new mums to have a space to share and know that they aren't alone. These sessions aren't just here for learn reflexology routines, it's also a chance for you to chat, get advice, laugh and see humans!!

Touch and bonding is more important than ever in this unpredictable world and through the 3 weeks you will learn simple routines to help ease common aliments such as:

- Colic

- Constipation

- Coughs and colds

- Teething pains

- Restlessness or poor sleep

All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home - you just need to 'bring' yourself, your baby, a mat/towel and your laptop/computer (with webcam and mic!)

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is within your gut?

The gut microbiota that resides in the gastrointestinal tract provides essential health benefits, particularly by regulating immune homeostasis. However stress can cause inflammation within the body, and can suppress your immune system! Stress can also have a adverse affect on digestion. Diet is one of the most important modifying factors of the micobiota gut-brain-axis. The routes of communication between the microbiota, and the brain are slowly being unravelled, and they include the vagus nerve, gut hormones signalling, the immune system and many more!

This workshop from Nutritional Therapist and Personal trainer Jenny Tomei is a one hour webinar where she talks about the many connections between 'Gut Health and Your Immune System'.

Topics covered:

How stress impacts our immune system and gut health

How stress impacts our digestion

How to nourish and promote a healthy gut

Which foods are best for gut health

What an awesome way to give your body some care - by supporting your health from the inside out!

Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Science of Healing, is an ancient medical tradition that coalesced on the Tibetan plateau between the 7th and 12th centuries. In this webcast, Tibetan Medicine practitioner and teacher Erik Jampa Andersson will explore some of the foundational theories of Sowa Rigpa, including simple ways for integrating this profound wisdom into our modern lives.

Hormé, or Mongolian moxibustion, is a traditional hot compress therapy rooted in Tibetan and Siberian folk tradition. Considered one of the principal external therapies for rLung (wind) disorders, this simple technique is a safe and effective home therapy for calming the impact of stress on the mind and body. In it, satchels of basic herbs and spices are used to apply hot oil to the major energy centers of the body, easing the nerves and encouraging optimal wellness.

In this explanation and practical demonstration, Tibetan Medicine practitioner Erik Jampa Andersson will review some simple techniques for hormé therapy, with instructions for home preparation and self-administration.

Not just fitness! The online classes from TruthPie are a unique offering which is added to every month! TruthPie practitioners will be contributing fitness & yoga classes as well as 'wellbeing' talks in subjects like nutrition for a truly all round wellbeing experience.

We hope for you to feel well from the inside out and a good diet, and self care plan will go a long way to supporting the efforts you put into your movement classes. There is a little something for everyone in the selection from gentle movement for busy parents and mindful yoga sessions to specific fitness workouts for particular muscle groups, which means you can choose something to suit the unique day you have in front of you.

In addition to the TruthPie workshops and classes above, some of our practitioners are taking part in an event for Mental Health Awareness Week, organised by Delice Headlam of Ananda Movement Lab. Daily events in creative fields including collaging, movement and aromatherapy are available on a donation basis between 18th-24th May - Register to join here!

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