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How to prioritise tasks and claim back your life

Once and for all!

We have been there; staring at an ongoing, never-ending, overwhelming task list and although you're passionate to get stuck in, you also see no way of ever having a social life again!

You may be self-employed, running your team or you may even have just taken too much on in your family life because you want to care for everyone around you... even if it means missing out on life yourself.

But this does not have to be your forever-existence and we're here to tell you about an incredible method that has freed up time for millions of people over the years it's been widely known (and I'm sure many more before the former president got hold of the information!) Yes, we're talking about the 'Eisenhower Matrix'.

You may have heard of it and you may have even tried it but do you ever still struggle with working out the bigger picture while using it? Well we've found this excellent video series below which explains not only how to apply this to both your home AND work life but also includes the other habits of highly effective people.

So you can go and get s*** done and seize the day once more!

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