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How To Be More Eco-Friendly Even Whilst Driving

and help your wallet too!

We're all being advised to avoid public transport to different extents during the COVID-19 pandemic but how can we try to reduce our affect on the planet when we're using our cars more often?

Heres some top tips to get you driving more efficiently, saving money and the planet!

•Firstly an important one in this heat: TURN THE AIR CON OFF and open the windows at lower speeds as this is more efficient. At higher speeds and the rest of the time, just consider when you need it.. you're excused in this current heatwave!

•Change up the gears as soon as possible for the best efficiency.

•Remove the Roof rack, Close your windows, Remove decorations and you'll increase the streamlined shape of your car for more efficient driving.

•Empty the boot (or trunk for some of you!) - Carrying less weight uses less fuel.

•Keep your tyres inflated and decrease the drag of your car - get where you want to go with less effort and fuel.

•Plan ahead and be aware of your road position so you can make smarter and more efficient choices. This is safer too!

•Keep moving where you can, so you aren't having to keep switching speeds.

•Carrying fuel uses more energy, so FILL UP LITTLE AND OFTEN and don't let the tank run too low, as this actually uses more fuel!

•Only use cruise control on long flat roads like motorways. Cruise control is slower at reacting to changes in gradient of the road, so you'll use more fuel.

•Accelerate gradually and aim for under 3000 revs.

•Braking hard is inefficient.. gently does it.. Also which came first, the brake or the acceration?... It doesn't quite work does it? But you get my point; one causes the other.

•And lastly.. Remember NOT to coast on neutral to save money/fuel... this is just dangerous! Your safety should clearly become above any of these tips!

That's all for now! Happy and Efficient Driving wishes to you all!

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