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How to feel Happy

Why having fun will help you to live longer than any diet a ever will.

The secret to good health has long been pondered by wellbeing experts and professionals. There have been many successful answers too; Balanced diets, ground-breaking medications, regular exercise and many more now-obvious examples which at their point of 'discovery' changed the lives of millions if not trillions of people.

But is there any one thing that can literally change the life of every single person who tries it...


Well why don't we all know about it? The truth is, we do! It's called stress-relief.

By relieving stress, in all of it's ugly forms, we can improve the whole wellbeing of every individual in varying degrees of course. It seems basic and if by relieving stress we can all live a more healthy , happy and generally longer life, why is it that we aren't all on the case?

Well stress relief seems simple to many but is often of the hardest things for the human race to include into their lives, especially with the distractions we face in our modern world. Stress comes in many forms; emotional stress, overwork, over stimulation from digital sources, pollution, physical stress from incorrect posture, imbalanced diets bring stress on the digestive system, lack of social connection can create a whole stress of it's own... I could go on! So no wonder we find it difficult to get on top of 'stress' when it's coming at us from all angles!

Lucky for you, TruthPie have come up with some simple steps to help you make a start to relieving stress which we hope will bring more joy into your life... and help you live longer!

CHILL OUT the body, mind and spirit

Find a way YOU like to relax for real time out - This can be spending time surrounded by nature, having a therapeutic treatment, scheduling time to be with a loved one or to enjoy your own company. The main thing with this step is that you should do something that does not involve screens and gadgets, ideally choose something which means moving slowly and gently, with only quiet sounds if not a silent space.

PUMP UP the joy

Give yourself time to let go - In contrast to time out you also want to give yourself an opportunity to let loose once in a while. If you aren't one for a party (or if partying isn't possible right now!!) then you can put on your favourite song and dance like no one is watching, sing in the shower without caring what anyone thinks, join in an exercise class or if those aren't your thing, think of something that you consider fun and commit time to it regularly. If it's something 'unhealthy' make sure the time you spend doing this is limited and manageable but don't bully yourself afterwards. If you find you burn this candle a little too often, you may choose to talk to someone about ways to slow down or to refocus your idea of letting go. There are so many avenues to find release in this world and we know we can help you to find an alternative which feels better.

EMBRACE the world around you

Sure, go out for a walk and feel the sunshine on your skin for extra 'happy hormones' but also call friends, try new activities and see all that is on offer out there! There are more ways to live in this world than we have time for, so make every moment what you want it to be (even if that's resting by the way!) Getting in touch with nature is a great way to feel gratitude for the magnitude and detail of the world around you. TruthPie therapists Erik Jampa Andersson and Joanna Rennie both bring this into their therapy sessions too.. check out their online offerings for Tibetan Medicine and Aromatherapy. Erik is also running an Introduction to Tibetan Medicine workshop on Thursday 28th May!

TAKE CARE and make the most of life

Care for your physical self and help to maintain your body's health by getting informed about nutrition (there is great information in this Gut Health and Your Immune System workshop). By treating your body kindly with good foods, you can not only improve your digestive comfort and life-expectancy but you also improve on every other area of your body including the brain for gaining clarity of thoughts and brighter emotions! So you can enjoy those extra years!

There are tonnes more ways to jump up the volume and turn down the stress in this wonderful life but just making a start, that one first step is enough to improve your life and get you on the road to happiness.

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