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Maintaining Health in Troubled Times: Tibetan Medicine and COVID-19

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

In this webcast, Tibetan Medicine practitioner Erik Jampa Andersson (Shrimàlà Healing Arts, TruthPie practitioner) will share some traditional perspectives on pandemic outbreaks like COVID-19, including the environmental and social components of infectious disease. We will explore some simple recommendations for maintaining dynamic resilience and health through diet, behavior, herbs, and home therapies, as well as ancient #meditation techniques from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

For over a thousand years, Tibetan Medicine has flourished on the Tibetan plateau, integrating ancient Indian, Chinese, Greek, and indigenous healing knowledge into a powerful syncretic blend of wellness traditions. Recognizing the intrinsic links between personal and planetary health, Tibetan Medicine offers valuable insight into the causes and conditions that give rise to pandemics like the novel #coronavirus, as well as intersectional guidance for navigating these difficult times.

This webcast is part of the 'Time For TruthPie' series of events for support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

To book an online appointment with Erik CLICK HERE

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