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It's 'Time For TruthPie'!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Announcing......Time For TruthPie - COVID-19 Support Sessions

Daily wellbeing talks, discussions, classes and seminars from the Truthpie collective.

Including Yoga, Psychotherapy, Massage & Structural Alignment, Tibetan Medicine, Aromatherapy, Fitness techniques and more. Sessions will be live/recorded depending on the content but any recorded sessions will be available to catch up on in your own time.

Sessions are free to join or you can make a donation to the practitioners who are running the sessions for you. However, we don't want anyone to be limited by their current financial position in finding wellbeing support at this time, so please only donate if you feel you are in a position to. We are happy to welcome anyone to the sessions who feels it will bring benefit, an escape or an activity to keep them in good balance through what may be a challenging time. Donations via Paypal -


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