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7 ways to boost your immune system (that you may not have considered!)

1. Eat balanced meals that you enjoy!

2. Diffuse 1-2 drops of Mandarin essential oil to uplift and calm (safe during pregnancy too!) 3. Practise yoga or tai chi to balance and strengthen your body & mind

4. Keep a one line journal and write down a good part of your day. It can be a simple pleasure; ‘I made up my bed and it looked super cosy’

5. Try some isolation massage! - Check out Zoltan Zavody or Scott Jones on the free Time for TruthPie Facebook group

6. Book in for Tibetan Medicine coaching for a holistic experience with regular guidance

7. Take time to clear out your living space so it’s easier to clean and feels more nourishing for the soul

A mis-interpretation of complementary therapists is that we think we can cure all disease.

#truth WE CAN'T

..and that's not why we tell you about immune boosting tips.

•The tools are offered to assist by helping you feel as prepared as you can be in your body, mind and lifestyle for challenges you and those around you may face.

•They are there to calm stress - 'the most common accelerator of physical and mental illness'.

•They are there to improve your wellbeing as a whole person - That's what holistic means. •They are there because we know you also need things to uplift your spirit and 'turn the world off' for at least a few minutes every day.

TruthPie have free sessions, donation sessions, purchasable sessions all going on right now. You know where your finances are and we work on a honor system with you choosing sessions appropriate for your situation.

Our practitioners are working hard to make sure you can still access your route to feeling good by bringing extra services online. (Please excuse any tech hitches and camera-shy moments!) But if online isn't for you, then we have opened our bookings for the next 2 months, so you can pre-book sessions your dreaming of getting once this is over. We will reschedule any we cannot complete to a later date but with you supporting our collective through pre-bookings and donations, we can ensure we will still be here, ready to offer you guidance, relaxation and connection when this is through.

Thank you for being you, from all at TruthPie.

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